Thursday, December 17, 2009


I Just got back from the Vacation & still have the Hang-Over of Joyness which I had  with a Wonderful Company In a Mesmerizing City ...I believe in Freezing the Chilliest Moments   of Vegas & wanted to Carry-On the same Spirit,hence Started my Day on a Sweeter-Note.....To add more to my positive Mood,I decided to Attempt a Sweet Recipe Called Shrikhand!!!    

Shrikhand is a Classic Dessert hailing from Western India..The Authentic and a Traditional Shade has made it so Enticing for those having a Sweet-Tooth...This Recipe being my Husband's Favorite Pick,I wanted to give a Delightful Surprise for his Palate.. I tried the Simpler Version of Shrikhand by  taking a Detour from  'The Original Authentic Recipe', Off Course by referring  One of my Folks Blog (

It is Basically a Sweetened Yogurt,Aptly Flavored with Herbs or Spices Like Cardamom....Puri-Shrikhand,or Chapathi/Phulka-Shrikhand is said to be an Ultimate-Combo, Which gives a Finishing Touch to any Great Fiesta.. 

1)2 Cups sour cream ( This is generally available in US Markets; for traditional preparation refer to my Tip1 below)
2)3/4  Cup  dry fruits(Figs,Almond,Raisins,Walnut,Cashews)
3)3 to 4 cardamom pods(whole cardamom)
4)1 cup sugar(measurement can vary)
5)2  to 3Tbsp Milk( not required for traditional preparation)
6)2 Tbsp Curds
7)Saffron/Kesar Strands

1)Make a fine powder of Sugar and Cardamom
2)Soak the Saffron in a luke warm milk(about 2 to 3 Tbsp)
3)Add sour cream in a bowl,lighten it by adding milk and curds to get a desired consistency
4)Add powdered & Flavored sugar,dry fruits,saffron milk
5)Give it a nice mix & sprinkle some more Cardamom for extra flavor 
6)Chill it and Serve with Roti, Phulka, or Poori 
                                        Shrikhand is ready to serve
Tip:1)Traditional Recipe Calls for Curds/Yogurt which is stored in a tightened Cotton Fabric & kept Overnight to remove the water content from the curds....This process enhances the richness and creaminess of the curds. 
2)Add a thick puree/pulp of your Favorite fruit like Mango,Strawberry,to turn into a  flavored Shrikhand.


  1. Shrikhand is my favorite too..And use of sour cream is real innovative..Great going Ramya!!

  2. my fave shrikhand ...with cream cheese you made it so easy..

  3. Thanks Divya,Renuka and Sangeetha...Keep ur Ideas pouring into my blog.....Keep visiting...

  4. Shrikhand looks fantastic, great idea to use sour cream to make shrikhand. First time here you have a lovely space....

  5. hello ramya. i believe the 'folks blog' that you are referring to is mine. Dont you think it will be fair that you give me due credit by adding my name or link to my blog?


  6. Hey Brinda,
    When I started writing about Shrikhand Recipe,I remembered that I had read about the recipe in one of the blogs,but I couldnot recollect which one!!Thanks for letting me know.
    I have updated my Post...

  7. I tried this cool and easy recipe and it tastes just like the traditional one.

  8. Hey Divya(Akka),
    Thanks for stopping by...I am So glad u liked it...

    Keep Visiting...

  9. so easy and so tasty... this recipie is a real delight dear..


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