Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jack Fruit Payasam

Ever Since I remember, I was always Endowed with this Jack Fruit dessert on all my Birthday's..Luckily My Birthday falls on the Jack Fruit Season...I cannot think of any other fruit when this is on the table.. Its like Gala for me..I think All Mangaloreans will vouch for this.....

This Fruit is the  most Common Sight through out Asia and more predominantly Popular in western Ghats of karnataka.I think this is probably the largest Edible Tree-Grown Fruit and Utilized to its fullest starting with the leaves to the Seeds.

Among many delicious recipes today I am Eying on the very pleasing,tasteful Jack Fruit Payasam.

Halasina Hannina Payasa

1)1 cup fully riped jack fruit

2)1 cup Jaggery/Brown sugar
3)1 cup freshly grated coconut
4)2 to 3 cardamom pods
5)1 Tbsp rice soaked in water
6)Pinch of salt

1)Take Jack Fruit(it must cut into small a pieces),Jaggery in a vessel.Add a cup of water and boil it on a medium flame(for about 10 to 12 minutes)
2)Blend freshly grated coconut,cardamom pods,soaked rice along with water(add little more water if required) in to a fine paste
3)When the jack fruit is cooked and becomes tender add this blended coconut paste and boil until the raw smell from the coconut vanishes
4)Add a pinch of salt and switch of the flame
5)Can be chilled before serving or can be served hot.

1)Adding a small amount of rice while blending helps in getting the right and  thick consistency.
2)Adding very small amount of salt to any dessert helps in bringing out the sweetness from the fruit or from the dessert.
3)After the Jack Fruit is cut,latex(glue like) is collected on the knife,to remove this hold the knife on a medium flame until the latex starts to melt..Wash it after it cools down.

                 Jack Fruit Payasa is ready to serve


  1. Never tried Payasam with jackfruit.Will give it a try

  2. sounds new to me!!!!
    looks delicious :-)

  3. Mom or even badima never prepared this at home but we have been lucky to get a taste of this at few of our neighbours who are Konkanis..... @ Puttur of course..... Yummy & delicious!!!! Nice tempting pictures too :)


  4. Payasam looks delicious, yummy and highly tempting..

  5. Wow Delicious Looking Payasa....Sounds very tempting....


  6. Love jack fruit payasam..looks so delicious.

  7. It looks saucy and tempting :) My mouth waters as I see them :)

  8. hi ramya, first time here and love to see a nice collection here.. hav never tried jackfruit payasam.. will try it soon...

  9. Hi Ramya ...
    Thanks for visiting my space and leaving your wonderful comment !!!
    Glad to follow you !!!
    Today's Recipe
    Chocolate Mousse


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