Thursday, June 14, 2012

Menasina Saaru

On One Gloomy day,  when the  drops of the Rain kisses and the smell of the Mud  gives such Pleasure and Brings so much joy to the Soul,Our Car wafted through the Wind in search of the Golden Sunshine which was Hiding behind the Vast Dark Clouds and seemed as if the Sun has gone on a vacation.....

Looking Out through the Rain Smeared Window sensing the Chill-wave I Thought It was a Day for Hunkering Down and Keeping Cozy....My Today's recipe Perfectly Accords with the Weather.....

pepper Rasam

Pepper Rassam is one of My Mom's Signature Recipes which has always Swayed Me to Attempt  this Spicy-Tangy Rassam   again and again...

1)1 small  cup Green Gram dal
2)1 Tomato cut into small pieces
3)2 tsp Ghee or Vegetable oil
4)salt as per the taste
5)1 tsp Turmeric/Haldi powder 
6)1 tsp Ginger Chopped
7)Few Curry Leaves
8)Few Garlic pods(optional) Grated
9)1 Lemon

 Rassam Powder Ingredients:
1)3 Tbsp Coriander seeds or Dania seeds
2)2 Tbsp Cumin/Jeera Seeds
3)1 Tbsp  Whole Black Pepper

 Tadka Ingredients:
1)2 tsp Ghee or Vegetable oil
2)1 tsp Cumin/Jeera 
3)Hing or Asafoetida 

1)Pressure cook Green Gram dal by adding a tsp of Ghee and Haldi.
2) After the dal is cooked,add diced tomato,haldi,ginger,grated garlic,curry leaves and enough water and get the mixture to a boil..For about 5 minutes until tomato gets cooked.
3)Add salt,jaggery and the 2 Tbsp rassam powder(add more powder to make spicy rassam)
4)Allow it boil for few minutes and check the seasoning and cut the flame to off...
5)Before serving squeeze out 1 lemon and add the Jeera and ghee tadka..

                Pepper Rassam is Ready,Serve Hot with White Rice  


  1. perfecr 4 uk weather too..looks so delicious !!

  2. Very yummy yummy Rasam.... First time to your blog.... love ur space... happy to follow you....

    when you get time, do visit mine...

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  3. Simple and Healthy,Ideal on a rainy day...


  4. wow pepper rassam with the flavor of garlic sounds delicious...


  5. Thank u very much for visiting my space..loved all ur comment...

  6. it is sooooo hot up north!we are baking....lucky you with your cool weather.this lovely peppery rasam sounds perfect.

  7. Thanks for dropping in our recp. blog and following us ...Love this rasam a lot ..

  8. loved to have in rainy days.. :)


  9. This is what I am seeing very unique. Awesome recipe thanks.

  10. coming is winter...! Kindly make sure to keep a cup of tili saru on the table, when i visit your abode during this month.. Half a cup of water is out from the mouth imagining it.,,!............Thank you in anticipation.... your Mava

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