Monday, January 2, 2012

Biscuit Halwa/ Biscuit Halbai

New is the year, New are the Hopes and the Aspirations,
New is the Resolution, New are the Spirits and
Forever my Warm Wishes for all My Folks.
Have a Promising and Fulfilling New Year.

With Diwali and Christmas over,it is Once again that Time of the Year when we start making Resolutions.We all have Goals and Dreams that keep us going and Envisioning our Future..

Well it is the Second day of the New Year and I am just now fulfilling one of the New Year resolutions,that is to blog more often.

The Limelight of any Celebrations is the Food.The dish which I am blogging about definitely steals the show with its Whimsical results and its Freshness Jacks up the whole Merry Making Mood..

Biscuit Halwa(Biscuit Halbai)

 Halbai(Halwa) is  a very Tasty and a Unique  Mangalorean dish prepared using rice,jaggery and coconut. This traditional recipe calls for prior preparation. Biscuit Halwa is a nice Detour to this classic dish,which lands us with almost Kindred to the old one but with remarkably less time.

1)2 cups Biscuit(preferably parle- G)
2)1 1/2 cup milk
3)2Tbsp rice flour
4)3 Tbsp Ghee
5)pinch of cardamom
6) Nuts for garnishing
7)6 Tbsp jaggery(depends upon the sweetness)

1)Blend the Biscuit,jaggery and cardamom into a fine powder.
2)Roast the rice flour and nuts using ghee until it turns into light brown (Until the nice aroma comes)
3)Keep a kadai,add biscuit powder mixture,milk,and the roasted rice flour and keep stirring.
4)Add 2Tbsp ghee when everything comes together and stir until ghee starts leaving the pan.(mixture should be like chapati dough)
5)Pour the mixture into a greased plate and cut into a desired shape.

                                   Biscuit Halwa (Biscuit Halbai)

1) Grated coconut can be added to enhance the texture and taste.
2)Should be refrigerated in order to preserve.


  1. Woww biscuit halwa looks fantastic and absolutely inviting,Happy 2012 wishes dear..

  2. Biscuit halwa looks awesome. Wonderfully prepared dear.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. I haven't had like this delicious looking halwa

  4. Wow this sounds really awesome,never tried this before,will surely give a shot...Good one Ramya...


  5. Wow pics are so inviting,had to try this..
    Thanks for the recipe...


  6. I would have never guessed the halwa is made of biscuits looking at the pic... great recipe...and the pics look soo delicious...

  7. very tempting halwa..never heard about biscuit halwa before..very inovative recipe indeed..
    Happy following you !!!

  8. thank you so much for your comments... Biscuit halwa is really unique... looks delicious...

  9. Thank u all for the wonderful comments...

  10. This biscut halwa is bookmarked looks very yummy n love to eat sweets with jaggery

  11. Thanks Kala for liking this recipe...


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