Friday, June 29, 2012

Chiroti Rava/Sajjige/ Semolina Rotti

 An Exquisite Euphony of Melodious Song Wafted Through the  Wind and Wrapped my Ears, the Soft Twitter of a Bird seemed so Musical and  felt  like the Rain Drops danced Rhythmically to the tune..The leaves and the  Branches Banged with each other in order to  create a Musical Ambiance.... In This  Elated and Excited Atmosphere,I got carried away and kept my Mind Afloat in a Magical Music World  ,came to my senses only when my husband said " I am Running late,Is Breakfast Ready"??

I wanted something which gets done in a Winking Time and Tastes like an Idyllic Dish...The recipe which came to my Rescue was 'Rava Roti or Sooji Roti' -The one which I watched in one of the Cookery Shows......

Rava/Semolina/Sajjige Rotti

1)1 Cup  Semolina/chiroti Rava/Fine Rava 
2) 3/4th cup water
3)salt to taste

1)Take a pan,add semolina and dry roast for about 1 minute.
2)Add water and stir until lump like mixture forms(takes 1 minute)

3)Take the mixture in a vessel knead well and form a dough (like a chapathi/roti dough) using little water.The mixture should be made into dough immediately before its gets cooled.
                                        4)Make  small balls and roll them like a chapathi 

5)Keep Roti tava on a meduim heat, with a small piece of cloth(or paper towel) dab on either side and bake them   (no oil is required)
6)It should Puff like a Phulka or chapathi..Cut the flame when all the Rotti's are done.....Serve hot with any of your favorite sabji...

Chiroti Rava/Sajjige/Semolina Roti is Ready..

Badnekay Ennegayi makes an  Ideal side dish for this roti...

Refer my Badnekayi Ennegayi  Palya (Stuffed Brinjal) recipe here:


  1. to eat this with dry curry.

  2. That's really a quick idea.. Looks like wheat roti :)
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  4. oh!! very tasty nice roti!!

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  5. gr8 recipe,,never tried or thought of making semolina marked..will try this soon..

  6. greate dish and awesome.will try this rotti.

  7. Wow semolina rottis,they came out prefect.

  8. Never knew we can make a rava roti, this is very new and interesting.

  9. wow...never heard of this roti..Easy n yummy..will try it soon:)

  10. Hello ramya. thanks for the visit. sooji roti even i have never heard of. though i know rice flour roti. this looks good

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  11. Thank u all for the wonderful comments..I really appreciate all ur efforts....

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  13. Hello ramya. thanks for the visit to my space :). I have never heard of sooji roti's, wow looks nice!

  14. Never thot that we can make rotis out of Suji, Will surely try this. Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  15. It seem to yummy I like to eat rice chapati with pickle and 2 spicy chilli. If i got this I don't wont any dish in front of me. This one seems to unique definitely would going to try this.

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