Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Healthy Concoction!! Betel Leaf Khashaya

An Evening Stroll in a park in the Bangalore city is like Walking under the Gigantic Fan where air is Gushing and Whirling from all possible directions....The after affect of this is like Pleading all New Viruses and Bacteria's to enjoy an Holiday in our system.....These Intruders not only make you jaded but can also make you Dance on the Hospital Floor....Once they were our Esteemed Guest and made the whole family Dance for there Tune...

We visited all Tom, Dick and Harry and drank bottles and bottles of Tonics which made no effect on the  viruses and bacteria's rather made them more sturdy and comfortable.....This is when my mother told me to dig my own backyard for the medicinal weed  and made one magical concoction out of betal- leaf , betal-nut and edible lime.The combination of these things worked wonders and brought down our constant coughing which once sounded like cats and dogs are fighting to an delectable halt.....

Health Benefits Of Betel Leaf:

Betel leaf has been recognized as one of the medicinal plants that has tremendous health benefits.Some are listed below.
1)Cures swollen gums/mouth.The concoction made using little salt should be used to gargle...
2)Eliminates body odour and bad breath..Should be taken as a concoction using little sugar.
3)Cures cough and Bronchitis... Should be taken as a concoction made using few pieces of betel nut and edible lime..

Betel leaf kashaya/concoction

1)2 betel leaf finely washed
2)2 to 3 betel nut
3)Pinch of edible lime
4)1 cup water

1)Bring all the ingredients to boil until it leaves a red colour concoction.strain and consume when it is hot.
consume this for 2 to 3 times  a day for about 2 to 3 days until the cough subsides...


  1. Simple drink which eases the cough,should give a try.....


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  2. Awesome kashaya,I will try this ....Thanks ramya for the awesome recipe.....


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  3. Nice one,you have written it so well...Nice click too


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