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Friday, August 8, 2014

Banana Guiwa(banana Gooey halwa)

Today is an auspicious day for all the Hindus,it is the lakshmi pooja...

We believe that on this day the goddess of wealth visits all her devotees and bestows gifts and blessings upon each one of us...To welcome the goddess we clean our house and decorate the house with finery and lights and prepare sweet treats and delicacies to offer it to the mother of wealth.The devotees believe that the happier she is with the visit the more she blesses the family with the health and wealth.....

In spite of me being an ardent theist some questions about life are left unanswered...If a simple prayer invokes god then why there is a huge disparity between the rich and the poor? where is god when the innocents are being brutally hurt? Why a parent loves only his/her offspring unconditionally?Why this Partiality? Aren't every human being a creation of god? Why every relationships comes with a tag line"conditions apply"?........These questions were my worst nightmare until one day I found the answer which Quenches all Spiritual,Ethical,Practical and mainly Scientific Minds....

The Simple Truth 'The Law Of Karma' Says it all....It means we reap what we sow,We cannot expect Apples when we have sown the seed of Cactus...Science proved long back that "Every action has equal and opposite Reaction"....This Revelation is a New Hope to the Hopelessness and an Ascend  to the Descended  Life and a chance to Right all the Wrong's.... Let along with the rituals also take care of our Karmic Accounts.....

With this belief in my mind I am offering a sweet treat to the goddess Lakshmi...

Banana Guiwa!!

My today's post is Banana Guiwa (Banana Gooey Halwa)
Halwa is an Indian Dessert which is quite popular because of the simplicity and the delicious taste....Halwa can be made from any flours,nuts,vegetables and fruits... This Traditional recipe calls for very few ingredients which are readily available in our pantry.Some over ripe bananas,sugar,nuts and ghee...The banana halwa is very tasty and gooey...Hence the name Banana Guiwa(Name courtesy goes to my Husband)

1)4 over ripe bananas
2)1 cup sugar
4)2 Tbsp Ghee
5)2 to 3 Cardamom pods

1)Take a  heavy bottom pan,add sugar and a few ladles of water..Bring to boil.
2)When the sugar gets dissolved add mashed (blended) banana
3)Add cardamom pods(or powder) and keep stirring until we reach the halwa consistency...
4)Add nuts and a table spoon of ghee and keep stirring.
5)Turn the flame to off when the halwa is done.Pour the mixture to the greased pan.
6)Cut into desired pieces once it is completely dried..

Delicious Banana Guiwa is ready to relish....

Friday, March 8, 2013

Gooseberry Jam

Many Nights ago the Magnificent dark,night sky Compelled me to Gaze at the White Radiant Moon which was Blazing with the Divine Aura.. Moon the Ultimate Resplendent Beauty which became the spotlight for personifying the most charming piece of work.... This made me Admire and Worship the Creator for his Artistry....
In order to the Gratify the Nature I believe each one of us  should take a moment in viewing this spectacular phenomenon which is  just a glance away..
But lately we are kind of  taking a Detour from the nature and its products.The aftermath of this is showing its ill-effects on our health...

It is interesting to know that Nature provides us with all the necessary requirements to keep our body fit and healthy in the form of 'Fruits and Vegetables',which are power packed with all the essential nutrients...

Amla Jam(Nellikayi Jam)

My today's post is  dedicated to my Father-in-law..Both my In-laws are Great Cooks. My father-in-law holds the Honor of being the  'Master Chef'.... Reason being Simple and Straight,he has an Ability to 'visualize'  the flavor combinations and can also Anticipate the Outcome of the dish..If  I let my father-in-law in the kitchen then I am sure he will come out with a New Recipe with the Flavors Perfectly Infused...Amla Jam is one of his Best Recipes.... Thanks Mava for the Wonderful Recipe.....

Before posting this recipe I did a lot research on the Health benefits of Amla...One very Important and Interesting thing I found was that the Vitamin 'C ' present in the amla is of Heat Stable Form hence it doesn't get lost during the processing....This is one of the main reasons it is an essential ingredient in the preparation of the very popular Ayurvedic  Medicine  Chyavanaprasha......

1)1 cup freshly grated Amla along with the skin (Indian Gooseberry)
2)3/4th cup sugar(Jaggery)
3)Pinch of cardamom and salt

1)Pressure cook the grated Amla using little water(for about 2 whistles)
2)Make a Sugar Syrup,the consistency of the syrup should be of one thread.
3)Saute the cooked Amla for about a minute or two(to remove the water content)
4)Add the sauteed Amla(already grated and cooked) to the sugar syrup and mix continuously until you get a Jam like Consistency.
5)Add freshly powdered cardamom and a pinch of salt(salt helps in balancing the flavors and also as a preservative)
6)Cut the flame to off,store it in an air tight container(Preferably refrigerate for the longevity)

Amla Jam is ready,enjoy with the varieties of foods like Dosa,Roti,Rotti,Chapathi or Phulka....

Health Benifits of Amla or Indian GooseBerry:

Amla or Nellikayi is a potent gift of Mother Nature to a Mankind.Enough has been said and written about it..The benefits are so much that it is advisable to include this small wonder in the daily diet.
1)High in vitamin C,helpful in many skin diseases,it promotes glow on skin and also delays wrinkles and loosining of skin.
2)Good food absorption,helps in getting a better eye sight,regulates blood sugar,increases hemoglobin and so on.......

Monday, July 9, 2012

Mango Halwa

Once a Very Long Time Ago,On One Scorching Summer day, When the Days are Longer and the Nights are shorter I fell in love With the 'King.................Of Fruits'!!!
I thought it was just a Fling which would vanish in the wink of an Eye,but My desire Grew deeper when I saw those Exotic Fruits Rolled into the Market with Variant Colors, sizes and Tastes.....

Yes It is the 'Mangoes' which is in full swing right now and Waiting to be Allured with Bright Yellow color with a Tinge of orange and Green...Starting with the Salads to the Curries these Fruits can be Savored  with anything Under the Sun ...

My Today's Pick is Mango Halwa or Mango Burfi

1)1 cup wheat flour
2)Pulp of two ripe mangoes
3)5 to 6 Tbsp sugar(depending upon the sweetness required)
4)4 to Tbsp  Ghee or vegetable oil
5)Pinch of Cardamom
6)Roasted cashews
7)1 cup milk or water(or enough liquid to form a batter like mixture)

1)Roast the wheat flour until an aroma oozes and the flour turns to light brown color, using 2 Tbsp ghee.
2)Add a cup of milk or water and mix the wheat flour to form a batter like mixture without lumps.
3)Take a kadai,add wheat flour batter,sugar,mango pulp and stir continuously until all the mixture comes together..
4)Add cardamom powder and ghee and keep stirring until all the water evaporates and forms a dough like mixture..Halwa is done when ghee starts leaving the kadai.Cut the flame to off
5)Spread it on a greased  plate and cut into desired shape when it comes to room temperature..

Mango Halwa or Mango Burfi is Ready to serve.

1)Mango pulp can be replaced with pineapple,sapota or papaya...It gives a very splendid taste according to the individual fruits flavor...

Monday, June 11, 2012

Halasina Hannina gatti/Kadubu

Altercation Went On Uninterrupted for Some Moment and Finally My Husband Conceded With the Fact That Mangaloreans Love Jack Fruit more  than Americans Love their Pizzasss.....Me being an Hard-Core Fan of Jack Fruits loved this Declaration and it was  more than enough for me to try this Wonderful Recipe.........

Jack-fruit Kadubu/Dumpling

 Jack fruit is the most Common sight through out Asia and more  popular in Western ghats of karnataka..I think this is probably the Largest Edible Tree-Grown fruit utilized to its fullest starting with the leaves to the seeds...

Jack Fruit Kadubu or Halasina Hannina Kadubu/Gatti

This is a very Traditional yet classic recipe ...Just the Aroma of this recipe has an Aptitude to Bring Water in Anybodies Mouth...Such a Drool-worthy  Recipe It is....Simple and Tasty....

1)2 cups jack fruit cut into pieces(Without seeds)
2)1 cup Freshly Grated Coconut
3)1 cup jaggery
4)1 cup Semolina/Bombay Rava/Medium Rava
5)Pinch of Salt
6)Ghee or vegetable oil to grease the Idly Molds

1)Blend all the ingredients except rava into a  paste using little water(mixture should not be very fine)
2Dry roast the semolina/rava on a medium flame for about 5 minutes 
3)Add this roasted semolina to the blended mixture
 4)Add a pinch of salt and make the batter ready,it should not be too thin...
5) Keep the water to boil in an Idly stand and Grease the Idly molds with Ghee and pour this batter.
6)Cover the lid and allow it to get cooked in a steam..
7)This can also be done using plantain Leaf, jack-fruit leaf or Turmeric Leaf..This adds an extra flavor to the Jack fruit Kadubu.....  

Jack Fruit Kadubu or Halasina Hannina Kadubu/Gatti is ready,serve with Ghee  or Pure Honey on top .......

Try Out My Other Jack Fruit Recipe:

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Strawberry Milkshake

Nature is the Best Gift God has Bestowed on us..Though Nature Parades all four seasons with the same pride,Autumn takes the lead with its Serene Galvanic Beauty..Autumn is the season in between Summer and Winter where the Mother Nature is at its Best..You could just hop in your car and take a long drive to the Green Paradise or the Hill Top to Adore and Appreciate the free Asset which we have...

Fruits and Vegetables are the next best creation of Nature which are a natural source of Energy which gives the body many Nutrients to keep us going..

To take  further pleasure of the season I decided to Relish  the  Strawberry Milkshake ...

Strawberry is a fruit widely applauded for its characteristic Aroma , Bright Red Color,Juicy Texture and Sweetness and of course  loaded with lots and lots of Antioxidants,Magnesium,a good source of Vitamin C...It also helps in keeping Eyes and Bones Healthy..

Strawberry Milkshake 

1)1cup fresh strawberry
2)2 to 3 Tbsp Sugar(adjust according to your taste bud) or can be replaced with 2 to 3 Tbsp Honey
3)1/2 to 1 cup milk and 1/2 cup water
4)Ice cubes
5)Few chunks of strawberry 

1)Blend all the above ingredients except strawberry chunks into a fine puree
2)Finally add the strawberry chunks to the blended puree.

1)Few scoops of vanilla Ice cream can be added to enhance its richness
2)Replace milk and water with curds or yoghurt and refreshing strawberry lassi is ready in a minute.

Enjoy this Cool Refreshing Strawberry Milkshake

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jack Fruit Payasam

Ever Since I remember, I was always Endowed with this Jack Fruit dessert on all my Birthday's..Luckily My Birthday falls on the Jack Fruit Season...I cannot think of any other fruit when this is on the table.. Its like Gala for me..I think All Mangaloreans will vouch for this.....

This Fruit is the  most Common Sight through out Asia and more predominantly Popular in western Ghats of karnataka.I think this is probably the largest Edible Tree-Grown Fruit and Utilized to its fullest starting with the leaves to the Seeds.

Among many delicious recipes today I am Eying on the very pleasing,tasteful Jack Fruit Payasam.

Halasina Hannina Payasa

1)1 cup fully riped jack fruit

2)1 cup Jaggery/Brown sugar
3)1 cup freshly grated coconut
4)2 to 3 cardamom pods
5)1 Tbsp rice soaked in water
6)Pinch of salt

1)Take Jack Fruit(it must cut into small a pieces),Jaggery in a vessel.Add a cup of water and boil it on a medium flame(for about 10 to 12 minutes)
2)Blend freshly grated coconut,cardamom pods,soaked rice along with water(add little more water if required) in to a fine paste
3)When the jack fruit is cooked and becomes tender add this blended coconut paste and boil until the raw smell from the coconut vanishes
4)Add a pinch of salt and switch of the flame
5)Can be chilled before serving or can be served hot.

1)Adding a small amount of rice while blending helps in getting the right and  thick consistency.
2)Adding very small amount of salt to any dessert helps in bringing out the sweetness from the fruit or from the dessert.
3)After the Jack Fruit is cut,latex(glue like) is collected on the knife,to remove this hold the knife on a medium flame until the latex starts to melt..Wash it after it cools down.

                 Jack Fruit Payasa is ready to serve

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fruit and Nut Burfi

Today When I was talking to my Mom Over the phone she told me about this new sweet,I was dazzled to know that it just took her ten minutes to narrate the whole recipe...It Immediately sounded like 'My Kind Of Recipe'...Simple and Easy...

Its been while since I blogged about any sweet dishes and I think its absolutely Healthy to Indulge Ourselves for some sweets once in while...One of the my valid Justification for not blogging would be, I  was so engrossed in tweaking my North Indian culinary skills, Though I admit many sweet dishes kept coming to my mind while I was churning curries and sabji's..

Fruit and Nut Burfi is the Simplest and Nutritious Sweet I ever had.It just takes very little time and ingredients and will be ready with in Minutes....  

1)1 cup dates(preferably Seedless)
2)1/4 cup cashews(approximately 3 to 4 Tbsp)
3)1/4 cup Raisins/dry grapes
4)1/4 cup pistachio
5)1/4 Almond/Badam
6)Pinch of cardamom
7)3 Tbsp Powdered Sugar

1)Dry roast the dates for about 8 to 10 minutes on a medium flame
2)Break cashews,Almonds and Pistachio in to small pieces(don't make it into  a fine powder) and keep it aside
3)Blend the dates into a fine paste(after it cools down) with out adding water.
4)Add Raisins ,small pieces of cashews,almonds, pistachio,pinch of cardamom to a bowl 
5)Add this blended dates and mix all the nuts together to make in to a dough(Here blended dates acts as a  glue and holds all the nuts together) 
6)Cut in to any desired shape and roll it over the powdered sugar(Both sides should be coated with powdered sugar)
 7)Fruit and Nut Burfi is ready to serve and can be chilled before serving(chilling helps the Burfi to set)

                      Fruit and Nut Burfi is Ready to Serve!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mango Kesar Lassi

Mango The King Of Fruits Offers more than one reason to Adore them..From Sweet to Spicy there is a Mango to Please every palate..Mango Being a seasonal Fruit,I remember as a child waiting eagerly for the season to Crank Up..Beyond being delicious and rich in vitamins they also possess an enzyme which acts as a digestive aid...

 As I could sense some snow melting I decided to welcome the new season which is just around the corner  with a cool and  a creamy drink.. 

Mango Lassi is a drink made from yogurt,mangoes,sugar and crushed Ice,I added some cardamom and Kesar to make it more flavorful...

I Owe a Sincere thanks to my Husband as he took all the trouble in making this Exotic Drink.

1)2 fully riped mango or Store brought mango Pulp
2)1 cup thick yogurt
3)1/2 cup water
4)2 Tbsp sugar/Brown sugar(depending upon the sweetness of the mango)
5)Pinch of Cardamom 
6)Few Kesar Strands
7)Ice cubes
8) A pinch of salt(If the mangoes are sour)

1) Squeeze out the mango pulp in to the blender by discarding the skin.
2)Add yogurt,water,cardamom, Kesar,Ice cubes, a pinch of salt and sugar and blend into a  fine smoothie(It should not be too thin nor too thick)  
3)Pour this into a glass and serve chill with some ice and Kesar on top..

1)Instead of yogurt milk can be used which makes equally Cool  and Refreshing Mango Milkshake.
2)If it is blended in to a thick paste(rasayana) then it makes good combo with Dosa/Neeru Dosa as well with Plain Rice Noodles(Akki Shavige) /Poori 

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mango Curry/Gojju

'Variety is the Spice Of Life',Some times We Hanker so much for  variety dishes that we   eventually  end up hatching a  new dish for every Culinary-Venture..This time I was in a mood for a fruity, slightly Spicy ,handy yet  tasty Delight..This simple dish was the answer to all the Waves rising in my Stomach..

Here goes my mom's version of mango Curry whisked with some spices...

1)1 fully riped mango
2)1 cup freshly grated coconut
3)2 tsp mustard seeds
4)Pinch of Hing/Asafoetida
5)6 to 7 dry red chillies
6)3 tsp oil
7)Salt as per the taste
8)jaggery/Brown sugar
9)Curry leaves

1) Squeeze out the mango pulp in to the bowl
2)Blend freshly grated coconut,red chillies,Hing/Asafoetida,Mustard seeds into a fine paste by adding little water
3)Add this  masala paste to mango pulp and give a nice whisk.
4)Add salt and jaggery if the mango pulp tastes sour(Check the seasoning)
5)Take oil in small pan,when oil gets to warm add mustard seeds,Hing/Asafoetida,few pieces of split red chillies and curry leaves
6)When mustard starts to splutter switch off the flame and add the tadka to the mango and masala mixture
         Mango Curry is ready,Serve with Steamy Hot Rice!!

                                        Yummy Mango Curry!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Home Made Apple Cider

My Maiden Attempt at making this Fresh, Unfiltered,Lightlysweetened Refreshing Drink with some Floating Apple Chunks Retained to Enhance the Taste...Apple Cider is typically made from the blends of several different Apples to give the Balanced-Taste.Mixing Different varieties or Using one variety is  Guesstimated Entirely on the Individual taste Bud ..Here I am Using Glossy Looking,Cherry Red Apples...

Apple is an Healthy Choice and should be Incorporated in the diet..As the Popular saying 'A Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away' truly justifies...It has an abundant amount of Anti-Oxidants,posses some Vital Minerals and Vitamins which helps in Strengthening the Blood.Helps In preventing  disturbances related to Liver and Digestion & also helps in the Prevention of Kidney Stones. 

1)7 to 8 Apples
2)1/2 tsp salt(salt helps in bringing out the sweetness from the apple)
3) Pinch of Cardamom(Optional)
4)4 to 5 Tbsp Brown sugar/Jaggery(estimate the correct amount of sweetness for the apples)

1)Select some good Apples and Flay off  the skin
2)Cut them into pieces and make a fine puree using the blender(water is added to make it a fine puree)
3)Heat this puree in a big kadai,dilute it by adding enough water(to the required consistency)
4)Add 1/2 tsp salt,pinch of cardamom,brown sugar(check the sweetness of the puree before adding brown sugar) 
5)Get the puree to a boil and turn off the heat
6)Refrigerate the Apple Cider after it cools down.This can be stored up to a month or two.

                              Refreshing Apple Cider Is Ready 

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Drakshi Gojju/Dry Grapes Curry/Rasins Curry

Drakshi Rasa/Gojju

The Star Ingredient of Today's Recipe is 'Dry Grapes'..Like Vegetables ,Fruits also play a Significant Role in making a Delightful Dish...Fresh or Dried its hard to Resist Grabbing a handful of Grapes..The Natural Sweetness in the Fruits Helps in Attaining the Perfect Balance of Flavors...Here I post The Tasty,Spicy and The 'Typical Dish' Of South Kanara..

                                                  Dry Grapes
Raisins/Grapes are said to be  a good Nutritive Food.Its totally free from Cholesterol and Fat.So young girls can enjoy its sweetness without worrying..They act as a good source of Vitamins,Minerals,Potassium and Iron..Raisins do not contain any Preservative ,the natural Sweetness in them acts as preservative..

1)1 cup dry grapes/raisins
2)1/2 cup freshly grated coconut
3)3 Tbsp urad daal
4)2 Tbsp coriander/dania seeds
5)1 Tbsp cumin/jeera seeds
6)1 tsp methi/menthe seeds
7)7 to 8 dry red chillies
9)Pinch of Hing and Haldi/turmeric
10)curry leaves
11)1 Tbsp sesame seeds
12)Jaggery as per taste
13)Salt as per taste
14)1 Tbsp oil
For Tadka :1)1 tsp oil
2)1 tsp Mustard seeds
3)3 to 4 split red chillies

1)Soak the dry Grapes atleast for an over night
2)Take oil in a Kadai and add redchillies,coriander/dania,cumin/jeera,coconut,hing,haldi,tamarind,Urad daal,methi/menthe(one by one)
3)Slightly roast until the aroma from all the spices oozes out and raw smell disappears.(let it cool for a while)
4)Blend all the ingredients together using little water(make a fine paste)
5)Get this masala paste to a boil(little water should be added to get the desired consistency)
6)The masala paste should not be too thin nor too thick( consistency should be slightly thinner than chutney)
7)Add dry grapes by  draining the water(Grapes soaked water can be used to get the desired consistency)
8)Add salt and Jaggery as per the taste and let it boil for a while
9)The authentic grapes curry will be slightly sweeter than the usual curries(tune according to your taste bud by balancing the sweet and sour)
For Tadka:1)Take 1 tsp oil in small pan,add mustard seeds,hing,split red chillies and curry leaves   
2)Switch Off the flame when the mustard   seeds starts spluttering                                                   
10) Garnish the curry with this tadka and switch off the flame

       Drakshi Gojju/Grapes Curry is ready,Serve with Rice  

Tip:Same recipe can be tried with Pineapple,Mango,& Capsicum