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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Healthy Concoction!! Betel Leaf Khashaya

An Evening Stroll in a park in the Bangalore city is like Walking under the Gigantic Fan where air is Gushing and Whirling from all possible directions....The after affect of this is like Pleading all New Viruses and Bacteria's to enjoy an Holiday in our system.....These Intruders not only make you jaded but can also make you Dance on the Hospital Floor....Once they were our Esteemed Guest and made the whole family Dance for there Tune...

We visited all Tom, Dick and Harry and drank bottles and bottles of Tonics which made no effect on the  viruses and bacteria's rather made them more sturdy and comfortable.....This is when my mother told me to dig my own backyard for the medicinal weed  and made one magical concoction out of betal- leaf , betal-nut and edible lime.The combination of these things worked wonders and brought down our constant coughing which once sounded like cats and dogs are fighting to an delectable halt.....

Health Benefits Of Betel Leaf:

Betel leaf has been recognized as one of the medicinal plants that has tremendous health benefits.Some are listed below.
1)Cures swollen gums/mouth.The concoction made using little salt should be used to gargle...
2)Eliminates body odour and bad breath..Should be taken as a concoction using little sugar.
3)Cures cough and Bronchitis... Should be taken as a concoction made using few pieces of betel nut and edible lime..

Betel leaf kashaya/concoction

1)2 betel leaf finely washed
2)2 to 3 betel nut
3)Pinch of edible lime
4)1 cup water

1)Bring all the ingredients to boil until it leaves a red colour concoction.strain and consume when it is hot.
consume this for 2 to 3 times  a day for about 2 to 3 days until the cough subsides...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Strawberry Milkshake

Nature is the Best Gift God has Bestowed on us..Though Nature Parades all four seasons with the same pride,Autumn takes the lead with its Serene Galvanic Beauty..Autumn is the season in between Summer and Winter where the Mother Nature is at its Best..You could just hop in your car and take a long drive to the Green Paradise or the Hill Top to Adore and Appreciate the free Asset which we have...

Fruits and Vegetables are the next best creation of Nature which are a natural source of Energy which gives the body many Nutrients to keep us going..

To take  further pleasure of the season I decided to Relish  the  Strawberry Milkshake ...

Strawberry is a fruit widely applauded for its characteristic Aroma , Bright Red Color,Juicy Texture and Sweetness and of course  loaded with lots and lots of Antioxidants,Magnesium,a good source of Vitamin C...It also helps in keeping Eyes and Bones Healthy..

Strawberry Milkshake 

1)1cup fresh strawberry
2)2 to 3 Tbsp Sugar(adjust according to your taste bud) or can be replaced with 2 to 3 Tbsp Honey
3)1/2 to 1 cup milk and 1/2 cup water
4)Ice cubes
5)Few chunks of strawberry 

1)Blend all the above ingredients except strawberry chunks into a fine puree
2)Finally add the strawberry chunks to the blended puree.

1)Few scoops of vanilla Ice cream can be added to enhance its richness
2)Replace milk and water with curds or yoghurt and refreshing strawberry lassi is ready in a minute.

Enjoy this Cool Refreshing Strawberry Milkshake

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Carrot Kheer

I woke up today feeling like I haven't slept the whole night...Some thoughts kept shoving in my head and kept me out of the sleep.....I stared at my Personal diary,not knowing what to look for,wishing to find what's keeping me awake? Finally after some Juggling came to a conclusion that I have missed wishing some one who is very near and dear to me...My personal dairy didn't cheer me much,nothing seemed impending...When I was about to Cease, I saw some thing Scribbled on the last page,the closer view startled me.

It was a collection of recipes,which indeed prompted  me to have a look at my blog..Now things fell into place...All these chaos was because I forgot to celebrate 'My First Blog Anniversary'.

Better late than ever,it was a Day of Celebration.What started off as an Hobby now blogging has become a passion.Credit to Blogosphere  and Applause to all who helped me nurture my passion..

This delicious Carrot Kheer with its Vivacious Deep Orange color  added more sparkle to my Joy..

1)3 to 4 big sized carrots.
2)10 to 12 un roasted and un salted cashews  
3)Pinch of Cardamom
4)1 cup thick milk
5)2 cups water
6)1tsp ghee(optional)
7)5 Tbsp sugar

1)Pressure cook the carrot by adding little water and a tsp of ghee until it becomes soft(skin should be peeled)
2)Blend cooked carrots,cashews,milk,pinch of cardamom,sugar into a fine paste.
3) Adjust the consistency by adding required amount of water.

                                Delicious Carrot Kheer is Ready to serve

1)Carrot Kheer should be refrigerated in order to preserve it.
2)Carrot Kheer tastes well when chilled.
3)Because of all the nutritional elements present in the carrot,the Kheer is not only delicious but very healthy as well.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mango Kesar Lassi

Mango The King Of Fruits Offers more than one reason to Adore them..From Sweet to Spicy there is a Mango to Please every palate..Mango Being a seasonal Fruit,I remember as a child waiting eagerly for the season to Crank Up..Beyond being delicious and rich in vitamins they also possess an enzyme which acts as a digestive aid...

 As I could sense some snow melting I decided to welcome the new season which is just around the corner  with a cool and  a creamy drink.. 

Mango Lassi is a drink made from yogurt,mangoes,sugar and crushed Ice,I added some cardamom and Kesar to make it more flavorful...

I Owe a Sincere thanks to my Husband as he took all the trouble in making this Exotic Drink.

1)2 fully riped mango or Store brought mango Pulp
2)1 cup thick yogurt
3)1/2 cup water
4)2 Tbsp sugar/Brown sugar(depending upon the sweetness of the mango)
5)Pinch of Cardamom 
6)Few Kesar Strands
7)Ice cubes
8) A pinch of salt(If the mangoes are sour)

1) Squeeze out the mango pulp in to the blender by discarding the skin.
2)Add yogurt,water,cardamom, Kesar,Ice cubes, a pinch of salt and sugar and blend into a  fine smoothie(It should not be too thin nor too thick)  
3)Pour this into a glass and serve chill with some ice and Kesar on top..

1)Instead of yogurt milk can be used which makes equally Cool  and Refreshing Mango Milkshake.
2)If it is blended in to a thick paste(rasayana) then it makes good combo with Dosa/Neeru Dosa as well with Plain Rice Noodles(Akki Shavige) /Poori 

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Home Made Apple Cider

My Maiden Attempt at making this Fresh, Unfiltered,Lightlysweetened Refreshing Drink with some Floating Apple Chunks Retained to Enhance the Taste...Apple Cider is typically made from the blends of several different Apples to give the Balanced-Taste.Mixing Different varieties or Using one variety is  Guesstimated Entirely on the Individual taste Bud ..Here I am Using Glossy Looking,Cherry Red Apples...

Apple is an Healthy Choice and should be Incorporated in the diet..As the Popular saying 'A Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away' truly justifies...It has an abundant amount of Anti-Oxidants,posses some Vital Minerals and Vitamins which helps in Strengthening the Blood.Helps In preventing  disturbances related to Liver and Digestion & also helps in the Prevention of Kidney Stones. 

1)7 to 8 Apples
2)1/2 tsp salt(salt helps in bringing out the sweetness from the apple)
3) Pinch of Cardamom(Optional)
4)4 to 5 Tbsp Brown sugar/Jaggery(estimate the correct amount of sweetness for the apples)

1)Select some good Apples and Flay off  the skin
2)Cut them into pieces and make a fine puree using the blender(water is added to make it a fine puree)
3)Heat this puree in a big kadai,dilute it by adding enough water(to the required consistency)
4)Add 1/2 tsp salt,pinch of cardamom,brown sugar(check the sweetness of the puree before adding brown sugar) 
5)Get the puree to a boil and turn off the heat
6)Refrigerate the Apple Cider after it cools down.This can be stored up to a month or two.

                              Refreshing Apple Cider Is Ready