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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sweet Paddu or Sihi Guliappa

Time was  when Time was on My Side and I thought Blogging was Just a Matter Of Time...Now Time has Veered So much that the Thought of Blogging Seems like a  Million Miles Away,coz  My Little One takes up Waaaaay too much of my time ....

So Time is the Thing that all of us Strive to Find and No body gets their "Mee-Time" so easily...You gotta dig your own Time in order to Pursuit your Dream Hobby...

Until Sometimes The image of my  Baby slumbering on the clouds seemed so unreal ...
Believe me folks not Blogging was not easy for me, Immobility was killing me, but my Journey of wading through all the  sleepless chaos and the huzzle  for this tiny little precious thing was so worth it......

Now lets focus on Today's Recipe...Sihi Paddu or Sweet Guliappa

Paddu or Guliappa is a very popular Staple  South Indian Breakfast... Whenever you Crib about having 'Dosa Again' you can make Dosa in a Different Shape with a different Taste and Texture...... It comes in many Flavors - Sweet,Spicy,Masala or the Regular one which is prepared using the Dosa Batter......It is Cooked in a Special Vessel Which has a Depression to pour the Batter in.....Paddu are best Savored hot and crisp  right out of the pan with some Spicy Chutney...A Whole Bunch of Thanks to My  Mother-In-Law for Imparting such a Tasty Recipe  to me.......

1)3 cups white rice soaked atleast for 4 to 5 hours
2)1 cup poha soaked along with rice
3)1 cup grated coconut
4)2 Tbsp Fenugreek/Menthi  Seeds soaked along with rice
5)1 1/2 cup Jaggery(Adjust according to your preference)
6)Salt as per the taste
7)Pinch of Cardamom powder
8)2 Tbsp Ghee or Vegetable oil

1)Blend all the above Ingredients into a fine paste(batter should not be too thin) and keep aside at least for 3 to 4 hours..Consistency of the batter should be of dosa batter.
2)keep paddu tava on a medium flame and grease the well shaped tava with some ghee or vegetable oil..Pour the batter until 3/4 th of the well and cover the lid..Flip it on the other side and add little ghee or oil all over it...Cook until it becomes Crisp and Brown...

     Serve immediately with ghee and chutney powder or Chutney

Friday, February 17, 2012

Ghee rice

A Peck on the Cheek is what My Mother Deserves when ever I see this dish Simmering on the stove with a  Beautiful Spicy Fragrance which Engrosses the whole Kitchen.....

 When ever my mother strives this recipe,I remember laying the ground work for her..Even after having the Elementary skills I must Affirm here that I haven't Mastered this Recipe to the Perfection,it always lacks My Mother's  one Stir... 

Ghee rice is rice fried in ghee along with some aromatic spices and cooked to the perfection using coconut milk,the mildness from the spices and  the sweetness from the coconut  makes it as one of the most delectable rice dishes

1)1 cup Basumathi rice(soaked in water for about 1/2 an hour)
2)1/2 cup peas
3)1 big sized onion(chopped length wise)
4)2 small capsicum(chopped length wise)
5)1/2 inch ginger
6)6 to 7 garlic pods
7)2 to 3 cloves
8)1/2 inch Cinnamon
9)2 cups coconut milk
10)salt as per the taste
11)4 Tbsp Ghee( or vegetable oil)
12)1 tsp mustard seeds
13)Coriander leaves for garnishing
14)5 to 6 green chillies split into half(Tune according to the taste)
15) 10 to 12 Black pepper

1)Take ghee in a kadai,add mustard seeds,when the spluttering stops add green chillies and fry for a while.
2)In the mean while gently mash the ginger, garlic and the whole spices like cinnamon,pepper,clove using a type of stone grinder..
3)Add chopped onion,capsicum and the gently mashed spices.Fry until the raw smell vanishes and the onion turns into translucent..(adding little salt makes the process fast)
4)Add soaked rice(drain the water) and fry for a minute
5)Finally add coconut milk and salt ,get the milk to a boil and cover the lid and allow it cook..(after the coconut milk is boiled one whistle is enough) 
6)Serve hot with any favorite raita of your choice..For the raita recipe refer my


1)Coconut milk can be replaced with milk.There will be very slight difference in the taste...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Spicy Pongal(Kara Pongal)

Like any other Staunch Follower of the Festivals or Rituals I too Aimed at Celebrating and making some Traditional Dishes which Befits the Occasion...One such dish was Pongal which I prepared on Pongal or Sankranthi and some how failed to Snag my Attention to Post..Well like a saying Better late than Never this dish finally got Posted with all its Freshness and Spicy Flavors Intact...

Pongal is a dish made Exclusively  on special occasions taking equal share of Rice and Dal together...Sweet and spicy are two different varieties which are widely popular in south India..

Ingredients For Pongal:
1)1 Cup Rice
2)1 Cup Green Gram Dal(Hesaru Bele)
3)2 Tbsp Ghee
4)1/2 cup  Freshly Coconut
5)1 Tbsp Jeera/Cumin
6)1 Tbsp Black pepper
7)3 to 4 green chillies
8)1 tsp mustard seeds
9)curry leaves
10)salt as per taste
11)Pinch of Hing/Asafoetida and Haldi/Turmeric
12)8 to 10 Cashews

Ingredients for Tamarind Rasam(Gojju)
 1)1/2 lemon size tamarind soaked in a Luke warm water
2)2 to 3 tsp red chilly powder
4)1 tsp mustard seeds
5)2 to 3 Split red chillies/Curry leaves
6)Jaggery/Brown sugar
7)2 tsp vegetable oil
8)Salt as per taste

1)Wash Rice and Dal properly and pressure cook until it gets crumbled by adding a teaspoon  of oil and Haldi (Turmeric)
2)Grind Jeera and Pepper and keep it aside
3) Take ghee in a kadai,add mustard seeds when the ghee gets little warm, add  cashews  split green chillies,curry leaves,
4)When mustard starts to splutter add freshly grounded jeera and pepper,haldi and hing
5)Roast until it oozes a fine aroma and Cashews turns light golden brown in color. 
6)Add rice and dal(pressure cooked) and give it  a nice mix(until the masala gets mixed with the spices)
7)Add salt according to the taste,freshly grated coconut,give it a nice mix and switch off the flame.

                                      Spicy Pongal!!!

Method :Tamarind Rasam(Gojju) 
1) Squeeze the tamarind juice and dilute it according to the required consistency
2)Get this tamarind juice to a boil,add red chilly powder,hing,salt and jaggery/brown sugar(Check the seasoning)
3)Take oil in a small kadai,add mustard seeds,split red chillies and curry leaves
4)When mustard starts to splutter switch off the flame and add this tadka to the tamarind Rasam.
5)Serve hot with Spicy Pongal..
                                Tamarind Rasam!!

                    Spicy Pongal Served with Tamarind Rasam!!! 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ade/Ada Payasa

How Often Do You have a 'Sweet-Attack'??I had One recently,though the Size of my Sweet-Tooth is quite Bitty...It was screaming for some Sweet Delight...When Ever I have Such Attacks,My Mind Starts Ticking and Legs heading to the kitchen...This Time I wanted to Try Something new,which is never been Experimented In My Kitchen-Lab.. So All My Attention Diverted and I started Gazing at one Corner of My Pantry where a small Packet of Ade was Lying...Ade Payasam Turned out to be a   'Delightful winner'...

Ade/Ada is basically a tiny pieces of Flattened rice partially steamed and can preserved for many days,used mainly in the preparation of Desserts..

1)1 Cup Ade/Ada
2)1 cup jaggery/brown sugar(Depending upon the individual taste bud)
3)1 cup fresh Coconut milk or Canned milk(Thai Coconut Milk)
4)2 cups milk
5) Pinch of Cardamom 
6) 8 to 10 cashews,10 Raisins/Dry grapes,8 to 10 Almond,8 to 10 Walnut(Any dry fruits of your choice)
7)4 Tbsp Ghee

1)Take a spoon of Ghee in a kadai and roast Ada/Ade until the raw flavor vanishes and a nice aroma wafts in the kitchen.Keep this roasted Ada/Ade aside
2)Add one more spoon of ghee and roast all the dry fruits until it turns to light golden brown in color(on a medium heat)
3)Keep 2 cups of milk to boil,when it starts boiling add jaggery/brown sugar,cardomom
4)When Jaggery melts add slightly roasted Ada/Ade and spoon of Ghee
5)When Ada/Ade Cooks Completely add a cup of coconut milk,roasted dry fruits and turn  off the flame.
        Steamy Hot Ada/Ade Payasa is ready,Enjoy!!

                                                 Ade/Ada Payasa

1)In South Canara the same Payasa is tried by adding the pieces of  "Neeru Dosa" in place of Ada/Ade..Its a Dosa made from rice.
2)Payasa can also be tried with rice instead of Ada/Ade.
3)To extract the coconut milk, blend the freshly grated coconut in a blender by using little Luke warm water and then squeeze out the milk from the coconut,add this milk to payasa and discard the squeezed coconut.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Coconut and Mint Pulao

When I think of Comfort Food,My mind Sticks to the Absolute Basics which my Mom prepares.Coconut Mint Pulao is a Cool refreshing pulao with a light seasoning, clubbed with some colorful veggies which makes it more tempting and tastier.....Every Time when  My Mom makes this Pulao ,I would be Smitten by the Wonderful  Aroma Wafting in the Kitchen..... 

The Galores of  Flavor which Lies in this pulao is mainly from Mint,so try to grab a Whole bunch of fresh Mint and some Absolute Basic Spices from the Larder..

1)Whole bunch of Mint/Pudina
2)1 cup coconut freshly grated
3)1 Tbsp ginger-Garlic Paste
4)4 to 5 green chillies
5)1 tsp Cinnamon
6)1/2 cup beans
7)1/2 cup carrot
8)1/2 cup Capsicum
9)1/2 onion
10)1 1/2 Rice(Preferably Basumathi rice) 
12)Lime juice
13)2 tsp sugar
14)1 tsp mustard seeds
15)1 tsp cumin/Jeera seeds
16)2 Tbsp vegetable oil
17)Salt as per taste

1)Finely wash the rice and add 3 to 4 cups of water(water measurement can vary) cover the lid and get one whistle or rice can be made in rice cooker as well
2)Blend finely washed pudina/mint,cilantro,cinnamon, green chilies,ginger garlic,freshly grated coconut
3)Boil the veggies(except onion) until they become soft
4)Take  wok/Pan add oil,when it is warm enough add,mustard seeds,jeera
5)When the mustard splutters add onion and  little salt
6)Add the boiled Veggies and fry for 2 to 3 minutes
7)Add pudina and coconut paste(blended) salt,sugar and saute  until the raw smell vanishes for 2 minutes
8)Add the cooked rice and mix it throughly
9)Cut the flame to off,add lime juice,cilantro and serve with any Raita...

                          Coconut and Mint Pulao is ready to serve

     Bread Crumbs can be added to get  a crunchy taste.       

Heath Benefits of Mint/Pudina:
1)Mint/Pudina is well known as Mouth and Breath Freshener.
2)It has a Deep Cooling/Soothing Effect on the Body.
3)Its a good Appetizer and Promoted Digestion.
4) The Refreshing Aroma in the Mint Helps In Preventing Nausea and Headache..
5)very Effective in Opening Up Congestion of Nose,Throat,Bronchi and lungs..
6)Good Reliever for the Asthma Patient
7)The oil present in the mint helps in preventing pimples and acne..A good Antiseptic plays a major role in Skin Care

Coconut on FoodistaCoconut

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Methi Pulao/Menthe Pulao

                       Methi Pulao(Menthe Soppina Pulao)

This Recipe will Surely Ring the Bell of many Epicures,who are Constantly seeking Varieties in their Food and also for those who would like to  Spice- Up their palate...Pulav is one Comfort Food  which I would like to Relish on the Lazy-Day's during Weekends.

There are  some Ample Ways to prepare this Single Pot Dish...Each variation is a Gate-way for  the new recipe in which one or the other Ingredients will be leading and Mastering the Entire-Recipe. In this case it is 'Methi Leaves'

Methi Leaves also called as 'Water Cress' ,they are one of the fast-growing leafy vegetable.Contains significant amounts of Iron,Calcium,Folic acid along with proteins and vitamins.

1)1 big bunch of chopped methi leaves
2)1 finely chopped onion 
3)1/2 cup  diced carrots & beans
4)1/2 cup peas
5)1 bay leaf(optional)
6)1 1/2 cup Basumathi rice(or any white rice)
7)3 to 4 green chillies
9)3 tsp jeera/cumin
10)1 tsp cinnamon powder(or 1/2 inch)
11)1Tbsp Ginger & Garlic paste
12)1 tsp whole black pepper & 2 to 3 cloves
13)1 tsp Coriander/dania seeds
14)lime juice
15)1 tsp sugar & 1tsp Haldi/Turmeric
16)salt as per taste
17)Bread Crumps(optional)
18)3 Tbsp oil
19)Roasted Cashews for garnishing

1)Soak the Basumathi Rice in a 3 cups of water for at least half-an-hour(Water measurement can vary)
2)Dry roast all the spices and make a fine powder(coriander seeds,cumin,cinnamon,bay leaf,pepper,haldi)
3)Take oil in a kadai,toss in a tsp of jeera and Onion.Fry until the onion edges turns into golden brown in color
4)Add ginger garlic paste ,chillies and fry until raw smell vanishes
5)Add all the vegetables starting from the hardest(fry for a minute on the addition of the every vegetable)
6)Add the whole bunch of methi leaves until the leaves become tender and a nice aroma fills the place
7)Add freshly prepared spicy powder(adjust the spice to get the required hotness)
8)Add soaked rice along with the water(Throw in some more water if required),salt,tsp of sugar,cilantro
9)Cover the lid and cook on a medium heat  until all the water disappears 
10) Finally garnish it with bread crumbs,Cashews and add a dash of lime juice.

                    Methi Pulao is ready,Serve hot with Raita

Click this link for Tomato & onion Raita Recipe:

Nutritional Benefits of Water Cress
1)Along with the usual proteins and Minerals it also has a high amount  of Iodine which has a strengthening  effect on Thyroid Gland
2)A good body Cleanser
3) Have good amounts of antioxidants