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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Methi /water Cress Dosa(Menthe soppina Dosa)

Once I Stumbled on to One of the Epicure's Axiom Which Says ,'Coconut along with Some Spices Plus a Mangalorean Mind Can Create  Magic In the Kitchen'..Every day When I step into the Kitchen I Try to Revive this Statement before Flinging in to Action...My today's Pick is Spicy yet simple,Tasty yet Healthy...I declared it as one of my Favorites Dosa's many Moons Ago and I Bet you just cannot have one....

Since Green veggies Possess High amount of Nutritional value, I decided to Incorporate these veggies in one my favorite Dosas and ended up adding more Vigor to the dish...   

For Masala
1)1 cup Freshly Grated Coconut
2)2 Tbsp Coriander Seeds
3)1 Tbsp Jeera/Cumin Seeds
4)1tsp Methi/Fenugreek Seeds
5)Pinch Hing and Haldi
6)5 to 6  Dry red chillies(Depending upon the taste)
7)1 Tbsp Brown Sugar
8)1/2 Lemon Size Tamarind
9)Salt as per taste
10)2 tsp vegetable oil
11)Whole bunch of methi/water cress leaves or palak(Any green veggies of your choice)

For Dosa Batter:
1)2 Cups Dosa Rice/Extra long Enriched Rice
2)1 Tbsp Poha

1)Soak rice and poha for about 6 to 8 hours
2)Blend the soaked rice using water(Make a fine paste)
3)Take Oil in a small pan,add coriander seeds,cumin/jeera seeds,methi,red chillies and fry for 3 to 5 minutes
4)Add freshly grated coconut,haldi,hing and fry for 2 to 3 minutes until the raw smell vanishes
5)Blend this masala into a fine paste by  adding tamarind(Soaked in warm water) and little water(If needed)
6)Mix this masala paste in to the batter, add finely chopped methi leaves,salt,brown sugar as per the  taste and whisk throughly
7)Dosa Can be made Instantly
8)Preheat Skillet and pour a ladle full of   batter,sprinkle some oil and cover the lid
9)Let it bake until the bottom turns lightly brown in color
10)Flip it and let it bake for 2 minutes

                                   Methi Dosa is Ready !!

                          Serve hot with butter on top.

Tip:1)Dosa Batter should be slightly thinner than Idli batter..
       2)Any Green veggies can be replaced with methi/Water cress or any combinations of green veggies enhances the taste...
      3)The best Way to enjoy this dosa is with Butter and Jaggery Mixed together ...
      4)This is an Excellent way to get the full servings of Green Veggies to the body...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rava Dosa!!!

Crispy Onion Rava Dosa!!

I grew Up watching My Mom's Potentiality in Creating the new dishes and Divinely Delivering the Existing ones,I always admire her Flair and was Fortunate Enough in Picking up Some of her 'Tips and Tricks' along the way..My Mom's Version of Rava Dosa upholds the above Sentence.

Rava Dosa!!
Why Dosa's are so Popular and Allured in every South Indian Home??Because of the Varieties it Offers and the Delighting Taste it gives..Though many of the Dosa Varieties Demands a Prior Preparation and Accurate measurements,but I am sure the result just won't make our labor go in Vain....  Rava Dosa is an Exception to all these..It is one of the Easiest and Instant Dosa.....

1)2 Cups medium Rava
2)2 Cups Rice flour
3)3 green chillies(finely chopped)
4)1 Onion finely chopped
5)2 tsp Cumin/jeera seeds
6)1 tsp Turmeric/Haldi
7)6 cups water(keep aside some more water) as rava soaks up and settles at the bottom)
8)Cilantro/coriander  finely chopped
9) salt as per taste

1)Add rava,rice flour,finely chopped onion,Cumin/jeera,chillies,turmeric,salt,cilantro/coriander  in a bowl
2)Add 6 Cups of water and whisk throughly(Rava has a tendency to soak  water and gets settled in the bottom) 
3)keep the batter aside (for about15 to 20 minutes)
4) Mix thoroughly so that water and dough becomes a homogeneous mixture and then Take Ladle full of batter( or  a small bowl) and spread it on the preheated Skillet/tava starting from the sides and finishing off in the middle as rava dosa cannot be done in the way ordinary dosas are done.
5)A net like texture should be formed,try to retain the holes as it helps in making dosa crispy. 
6)Drizzle oil by pouring little in the holes created by batter and bake  it in medium heat until the dosa is  crispy(no need to cover the lid while making the dosa)
7)Switch off the flame when dosas are done.
8) serve with any choice of chutney/sambar.

                          Crispy Onion Rava Dosa is Ready to serve!!
1)Rava has a tendency to soak water and may get settled in the bottom,so keep whisking and adding little water will help..
2)The Batter should be very thin(like a neeru dosa batter) 
3) It takes a little time to make the dosa crispy, but the taste is worth it.