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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


One Beautiful sunny morning I was beaming with pride when I realized I have mastered the art of riding two wheeler, the joy knew no bounds...Every horn I heard seemed magical and musical to my ears.. All passer-by on the  road looked Familiar and Friendlier....The turns and twists I took looked smoother and Nicer....There wasn't a better day than this, when once this heavy bulldozer now feels like a lighter and flakier cute vehicle. All the meticulous traffic rules, hand signals and gestures now seems like a 'Cake walk'....

Now I can say I know the meaning of ' Why should Boys have all the Fun'.. I sincerely thanked and sent salutations to those who helped me in this venture. Gliding and Riding went on for some time Until I heard a familiar sound in the back ground and a well know voice said 'Can you dismiss your alarm"? 'Its been buzzing since long time'.. I raised the accelerator but in vain and realized it was a  'Dream'....

I applaud myself for at least  trying and conquering fears to some extent... I Beseech Lord  Vinayaka to ward off any obstacle and hence bless me in this new venture ..... 'Hope is life' hence I never lose hope on me and continue to chase my Dream... I treated myself with good food for this Nobel thought.....Hence my today's post is dedicated to the people like me who Refuse to Give Up.....

Ganesh Chaturthi Special Modaka:
These are sweet dumplings prepared exclusively on Ganesha Festival.. Lord Ganesha is extremely fond of sweets hence he is also called as 'Modaka Priya'.... This Traditional recipe calls for Maida and sweet filling....Since we are in this Health Conscious Era I decided to Offer Lord the Healthy Version Of Modaka, that is the whole wheat Modaka...

Ingredients to make outer layer of Modaka
1)2cups whole wheat flour
2)2Tbsp semolina
3)salt as per the taste
4)water to make a dough
5)1 Tbsp ghee

Ingredients to Make sweet filling
1)1 cup freshly grated coconut
2)1 cup jaggery
3)1tsp cardamom powder
4)1 Tbsp Ghee
5)2 Tbsp roasted poppy seeds

Method to make dough(outer layer)
1)Mix wheat flour, salt, ghee, semolina into tight dough using little water
2)The consistency of the dough should be of poori dough
3)rest the dough for some time

Method to make sweet filling:
1)Add 1 spoon ghee in a pan, roast coconut for about 2 minutes
2)Add jaggery and keep mixing until you get a halwa consistency
3)Add remaining ghee, cardamom powder and roasted poppy seeds

Method to make Modaka
1)Take oil in kadai for deep frying
2)Make small balls(half the lemon size)
3)Roll out these balls (like poori) and place the sweet mixture in the middle. Bring all the sides together to give a Modaka shape..
4)Deep fry these Modakas until it turns into golden brown in colour.
5)cut the flame to off and store in an air tight box

Crispy Modaka is ready to serve...It can be stored for 2 to 3 days after that the outer layer seems to get harder..

Friday, March 8, 2013

Gooseberry Jam

Many Nights ago the Magnificent dark,night sky Compelled me to Gaze at the White Radiant Moon which was Blazing with the Divine Aura.. Moon the Ultimate Resplendent Beauty which became the spotlight for personifying the most charming piece of work.... This made me Admire and Worship the Creator for his Artistry....
In order to the Gratify the Nature I believe each one of us  should take a moment in viewing this spectacular phenomenon which is  just a glance away..
But lately we are kind of  taking a Detour from the nature and its products.The aftermath of this is showing its ill-effects on our health...

It is interesting to know that Nature provides us with all the necessary requirements to keep our body fit and healthy in the form of 'Fruits and Vegetables',which are power packed with all the essential nutrients...

Amla Jam(Nellikayi Jam)

My today's post is  dedicated to my Father-in-law..Both my In-laws are Great Cooks. My father-in-law holds the Honor of being the  'Master Chef'.... Reason being Simple and Straight,he has an Ability to 'visualize'  the flavor combinations and can also Anticipate the Outcome of the dish..If  I let my father-in-law in the kitchen then I am sure he will come out with a New Recipe with the Flavors Perfectly Infused...Amla Jam is one of his Best Recipes.... Thanks Mava for the Wonderful Recipe.....

Before posting this recipe I did a lot research on the Health benefits of Amla...One very Important and Interesting thing I found was that the Vitamin 'C ' present in the amla is of Heat Stable Form hence it doesn't get lost during the processing....This is one of the main reasons it is an essential ingredient in the preparation of the very popular Ayurvedic  Medicine  Chyavanaprasha......

1)1 cup freshly grated Amla along with the skin (Indian Gooseberry)
2)3/4th cup sugar(Jaggery)
3)Pinch of cardamom and salt

1)Pressure cook the grated Amla using little water(for about 2 whistles)
2)Make a Sugar Syrup,the consistency of the syrup should be of one thread.
3)Saute the cooked Amla for about a minute or two(to remove the water content)
4)Add the sauteed Amla(already grated and cooked) to the sugar syrup and mix continuously until you get a Jam like Consistency.
5)Add freshly powdered cardamom and a pinch of salt(salt helps in balancing the flavors and also as a preservative)
6)Cut the flame to off,store it in an air tight container(Preferably refrigerate for the longevity)

Amla Jam is ready,enjoy with the varieties of foods like Dosa,Roti,Rotti,Chapathi or Phulka....

Health Benifits of Amla or Indian GooseBerry:

Amla or Nellikayi is a potent gift of Mother Nature to a Mankind.Enough has been said and written about it..The benefits are so much that it is advisable to include this small wonder in the daily diet.
1)High in vitamin C,helpful in many skin diseases,it promotes glow on skin and also delays wrinkles and loosining of skin.
2)Good food absorption,helps in getting a better eye sight,regulates blood sugar,increases hemoglobin and so on.......

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kulfi or Qulfi

Each One of us crawl through the week to keep alive the spirit of Joy and Happiness which the weekends Bring...These Weekend Jubilation's are something which Facilitates us through our Frantic week...No Celebration is ever Complete without some Delicious Food,if it is accompanied with mouthwatering dessert then its a 'cherry on the cake'....

Pista Kesar and Badam Kulfi

Kulfi is a well known Indian frozen dairy dessert,it is similar to Ice cream in  appearance and taste but  is denser and creamier.....It comes in Enormous flavors but Pistachio and Badam are the most traditional and yearned Flavors..

My maiden attempt to make these Heavenly delicious Recipe was a big hit because of is a fellow blogger who has created an wonderful space with many Lip-smacking recipes....

(Recipe source:

Though the traditional recipes demands for Heavy Cream and Condensed milk this recipe Happens to be my Favorite because of its Lightness...

My Husband who was little Hesitant in tasting this kulfi initially ,after he took his first  bite,in a blink of an eye the whole kulfi made its way to his stomach:))


1)2 1/2 cup milk
2)3 to 4 Tsp sugar(tune according to your taste)
3)3 to 4 cardamom pods
4)10 to 12 pistachio and Badam(keep few of them aside for grinding)
5)few strands of Kesar
6)2 slices of white Bread(separate the sides)
7)1/2 tsp corn starch
8)Kulfi moulds 


1)Boil 2 cups of milk in a heavy bottom pan on a medium heat
2)Blend 1/2 cup mik,corn starch,cardamom,bread slices and an handful of Badam and Pista into a coarse paste
3)Add sugar,blended paste,few peices of badam and Pista to the boiling milk and stir continuously
4)It starts to get thicker and thicker beacuse of the corn starch...Switch of the flame and allow it cool..
5)Pour this into a kulfi mold  or any desired shape molds and refrigerate for at least 6 to 8 hours... 

Pista Kesar and Badam Kulfi is ready to serve.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Mango Halwa

Once a Very Long Time Ago,On One Scorching Summer day, When the Days are Longer and the Nights are shorter I fell in love With the 'King.................Of Fruits'!!!
I thought it was just a Fling which would vanish in the wink of an Eye,but My desire Grew deeper when I saw those Exotic Fruits Rolled into the Market with Variant Colors, sizes and Tastes.....

Yes It is the 'Mangoes' which is in full swing right now and Waiting to be Allured with Bright Yellow color with a Tinge of orange and Green...Starting with the Salads to the Curries these Fruits can be Savored  with anything Under the Sun ...

My Today's Pick is Mango Halwa or Mango Burfi

1)1 cup wheat flour
2)Pulp of two ripe mangoes
3)5 to 6 Tbsp sugar(depending upon the sweetness required)
4)4 to Tbsp  Ghee or vegetable oil
5)Pinch of Cardamom
6)Roasted cashews
7)1 cup milk or water(or enough liquid to form a batter like mixture)

1)Roast the wheat flour until an aroma oozes and the flour turns to light brown color, using 2 Tbsp ghee.
2)Add a cup of milk or water and mix the wheat flour to form a batter like mixture without lumps.
3)Take a kadai,add wheat flour batter,sugar,mango pulp and stir continuously until all the mixture comes together..
4)Add cardamom powder and ghee and keep stirring until all the water evaporates and forms a dough like mixture..Halwa is done when ghee starts leaving the kadai.Cut the flame to off
5)Spread it on a greased  plate and cut into desired shape when it comes to room temperature..

Mango Halwa or Mango Burfi is Ready to serve.

1)Mango pulp can be replaced with pineapple,sapota or papaya...It gives a very splendid taste according to the individual fruits flavor...

Monday, January 2, 2012

Biscuit Halwa/ Biscuit Halbai

New is the year, New are the Hopes and the Aspirations,
New is the Resolution, New are the Spirits and
Forever my Warm Wishes for all My Folks.
Have a Promising and Fulfilling New Year.

With Diwali and Christmas over,it is Once again that Time of the Year when we start making Resolutions.We all have Goals and Dreams that keep us going and Envisioning our Future..

Well it is the Second day of the New Year and I am just now fulfilling one of the New Year resolutions,that is to blog more often.

The Limelight of any Celebrations is the Food.The dish which I am blogging about definitely steals the show with its Whimsical results and its Freshness Jacks up the whole Merry Making Mood..

Biscuit Halwa(Biscuit Halbai)

 Halbai(Halwa) is  a very Tasty and a Unique  Mangalorean dish prepared using rice,jaggery and coconut. This traditional recipe calls for prior preparation. Biscuit Halwa is a nice Detour to this classic dish,which lands us with almost Kindred to the old one but with remarkably less time.

1)2 cups Biscuit(preferably parle- G)
2)1 1/2 cup milk
3)2Tbsp rice flour
4)3 Tbsp Ghee
5)pinch of cardamom
6) Nuts for garnishing
7)6 Tbsp jaggery(depends upon the sweetness)

1)Blend the Biscuit,jaggery and cardamom into a fine powder.
2)Roast the rice flour and nuts using ghee until it turns into light brown (Until the nice aroma comes)
3)Keep a kadai,add biscuit powder mixture,milk,and the roasted rice flour and keep stirring.
4)Add 2Tbsp ghee when everything comes together and stir until ghee starts leaving the pan.(mixture should be like chapati dough)
5)Pour the mixture into a greased plate and cut into a desired shape.

                                   Biscuit Halwa (Biscuit Halbai)

1) Grated coconut can be added to enhance the texture and taste.
2)Should be refrigerated in order to preserve.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Carrot Kheer

I woke up today feeling like I haven't slept the whole night...Some thoughts kept shoving in my head and kept me out of the sleep.....I stared at my Personal diary,not knowing what to look for,wishing to find what's keeping me awake? Finally after some Juggling came to a conclusion that I have missed wishing some one who is very near and dear to me...My personal dairy didn't cheer me much,nothing seemed impending...When I was about to Cease, I saw some thing Scribbled on the last page,the closer view startled me.

It was a collection of recipes,which indeed prompted  me to have a look at my blog..Now things fell into place...All these chaos was because I forgot to celebrate 'My First Blog Anniversary'.

Better late than ever,it was a Day of Celebration.What started off as an Hobby now blogging has become a passion.Credit to Blogosphere  and Applause to all who helped me nurture my passion..

This delicious Carrot Kheer with its Vivacious Deep Orange color  added more sparkle to my Joy..

1)3 to 4 big sized carrots.
2)10 to 12 un roasted and un salted cashews  
3)Pinch of Cardamom
4)1 cup thick milk
5)2 cups water
6)1tsp ghee(optional)
7)5 Tbsp sugar

1)Pressure cook the carrot by adding little water and a tsp of ghee until it becomes soft(skin should be peeled)
2)Blend cooked carrots,cashews,milk,pinch of cardamom,sugar into a fine paste.
3) Adjust the consistency by adding required amount of water.

                                Delicious Carrot Kheer is Ready to serve

1)Carrot Kheer should be refrigerated in order to preserve it.
2)Carrot Kheer tastes well when chilled.
3)Because of all the nutritional elements present in the carrot,the Kheer is not only delicious but very healthy as well.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I Just got back from the Vacation & still have the Hang-Over of Joyness which I had  with a Wonderful Company In a Mesmerizing City ...I believe in Freezing the Chilliest Moments   of Vegas & wanted to Carry-On the same Spirit,hence Started my Day on a Sweeter-Note.....To add more to my positive Mood,I decided to Attempt a Sweet Recipe Called Shrikhand!!!    

Shrikhand is a Classic Dessert hailing from Western India..The Authentic and a Traditional Shade has made it so Enticing for those having a Sweet-Tooth...This Recipe being my Husband's Favorite Pick,I wanted to give a Delightful Surprise for his Palate.. I tried the Simpler Version of Shrikhand by  taking a Detour from  'The Original Authentic Recipe', Off Course by referring  One of my Folks Blog (

It is Basically a Sweetened Yogurt,Aptly Flavored with Herbs or Spices Like Cardamom....Puri-Shrikhand,or Chapathi/Phulka-Shrikhand is said to be an Ultimate-Combo, Which gives a Finishing Touch to any Great Fiesta.. 

1)2 Cups sour cream ( This is generally available in US Markets; for traditional preparation refer to my Tip1 below)
2)3/4  Cup  dry fruits(Figs,Almond,Raisins,Walnut,Cashews)
3)3 to 4 cardamom pods(whole cardamom)
4)1 cup sugar(measurement can vary)
5)2  to 3Tbsp Milk( not required for traditional preparation)
6)2 Tbsp Curds
7)Saffron/Kesar Strands

1)Make a fine powder of Sugar and Cardamom
2)Soak the Saffron in a luke warm milk(about 2 to 3 Tbsp)
3)Add sour cream in a bowl,lighten it by adding milk and curds to get a desired consistency
4)Add powdered & Flavored sugar,dry fruits,saffron milk
5)Give it a nice mix & sprinkle some more Cardamom for extra flavor 
6)Chill it and Serve with Roti, Phulka, or Poori 
                                        Shrikhand is ready to serve
Tip:1)Traditional Recipe Calls for Curds/Yogurt which is stored in a tightened Cotton Fabric & kept Overnight to remove the water content from the curds....This process enhances the richness and creaminess of the curds. 
2)Add a thick puree/pulp of your Favorite fruit like Mango,Strawberry,to turn into a  flavored Shrikhand.