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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Menasina Saaru

On One Gloomy day,  when the  drops of the Rain kisses and the smell of the Mud  gives such Pleasure and Brings so much joy to the Soul,Our Car wafted through the Wind in search of the Golden Sunshine which was Hiding behind the Vast Dark Clouds and seemed as if the Sun has gone on a vacation.....

Looking Out through the Rain Smeared Window sensing the Chill-wave I Thought It was a Day for Hunkering Down and Keeping Cozy....My Today's recipe Perfectly Accords with the Weather.....

pepper Rasam

Pepper Rassam is one of My Mom's Signature Recipes which has always Swayed Me to Attempt  this Spicy-Tangy Rassam   again and again...

1)1 small  cup Green Gram dal
2)1 Tomato cut into small pieces
3)2 tsp Ghee or Vegetable oil
4)salt as per the taste
5)1 tsp Turmeric/Haldi powder 
6)1 tsp Ginger Chopped
7)Few Curry Leaves
8)Few Garlic pods(optional) Grated
9)1 Lemon

 Rassam Powder Ingredients:
1)3 Tbsp Coriander seeds or Dania seeds
2)2 Tbsp Cumin/Jeera Seeds
3)1 Tbsp  Whole Black Pepper

 Tadka Ingredients:
1)2 tsp Ghee or Vegetable oil
2)1 tsp Cumin/Jeera 
3)Hing or Asafoetida 

1)Pressure cook Green Gram dal by adding a tsp of Ghee and Haldi.
2) After the dal is cooked,add diced tomato,haldi,ginger,grated garlic,curry leaves and enough water and get the mixture to a boil..For about 5 minutes until tomato gets cooked.
3)Add salt,jaggery and the 2 Tbsp rassam powder(add more powder to make spicy rassam)
4)Allow it boil for few minutes and check the seasoning and cut the flame to off...
5)Before serving squeeze out 1 lemon and add the Jeera and ghee tadka..

                Pepper Rassam is Ready,Serve Hot with White Rice  

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cumin-Coriander Rasam(Jeerige-Kottambari Saaru)

My Mom's Culinary Book is like  Ocean,The Deeper and Deeper I swoop Down,More Richer and Tastier Dishes I Encounter...This Rasam is One of her Simple Creations which has an Intense and Ocean full  of Flavors...The Aromatic Blend of Spices and a dash of Tangy-ness  makes you Yearn for it... I am Sure You Would be Blown Away if you take a look at the Ingredients it demands and also with the Result..

1)2 Tbsp Cumin/Jeera
2)3 Tbsp Coriander/Dhania
3)2 Tbsp Toor daal
4)7 to 8 Dry red chillies and 2 to 3 green chillies
5)Pinch of Hing and Haldi(Asafoetida and Turmeric)
6)1 tomato and little tamarind
7)jaggery(Brown Sugar) and Salt as per taste
8)Cilantro and Curry Leaves for garnishing

Tadka Ingredients:
1)2 to 3 tsp Ghee/ vegetable oil
2)1 tsp mustard seeds
3)2 split red chillies

1)Dry Roast Cumin,Coriander,red chillies,and toor daal until the fine aroma oozes out
2)Blend this dry roasted spices in to a fine powder by add a pinch of Hing and Haldi
3)Add tamarind water(soak tamarind in a Luke warm water for about 20 -30 minutes or microwave tamarind with little water for about 30sec to 1 minute),chopped tomato,chopped green chillies,cilantro,curry leaves and add enough water to get the required consistency.
4)Add a pinch of Haldi and Hing and get the mixture to a boil.
5)When it starts boiling add Freshly prepared Rasam powder(about 2 Tbsp),jaggery and salt(Check the seasoning) and let it boil for a while(3 to 5 minutes)
6)Take ghee in a kadai,when it gets to warm,add mustard seeds,after it splutters add dry red chillies(split into pieces) hing(if required) and curry leaves..
7)Add this tadka to the Rasam and Switch Off the Flame...
Tangy and Tasty Rasam is Ready,Serve Hot with Rice and Ghee on Top!!!

                              Cumin-Coriander Rasam

1)Toor Daal can be replaced with the same amount of freshly grated Coconut.
2)The instant Rasam powder(without coconut)  if needed to be stored,should be preserved in an air tight container to retain its freshness and aroma.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Tomato Rasam

Being a  South-Indian, I proudly Reveal the fact that its very hard to Find a  South-Indian Menu Without the Rasam.... I Must Confess that My Mom's version of Tomato-Rasam is the Best Rasam I ever had... 
I was Spell-Bound to watch  My Mom's Articulation in Combining the Flavors together which Indeed used to make me eat Morsels & Morsels of rice just to Relish  her Steamy Hot,Freshly Seasoned  Tomato Rasam with a Tangy Kick....   

1)1  Tomato
2)Half a lemon size Tamarind
3)1 cup Toor Daal(Togari Bele)
4)Pinch of Hing and Haldi
5)2 to 3 split green chillies
6)Jaggery/Brown Sugar
7)1 Tbsp Rasam powder
8)Curry leaves and Cilantro/Coriander
9)1tsp mustard seeds
10)2 dry red chillies
11)2 to 3 tsp Ghee/cooking oil
12)Salt as per taste

For rasam powder : check my link

1)Pressure cook Toor Daal,tomato by adding a pinch of haldi and a few drops of oil...Until the daal gets crumbled
2)soak tamarind in a Luke warm water for about 15 to 20 minutes(Or Just Microwave the tamarind along with some water for about 1 minute)
3)Squeeze out the tamarind juice  and add enough water to get the required rasam consistency(approximately 2 cups of  water)
4)Get this tamarind juice to a boil,add split chillies,hing,haldi,cilantro/coriander and curry leaves
5)Gently Mash Toor daal and Tomato and add this to the tamarind juice mixture  
6)Add jaggery,salt,rasam powder and get everything to a nice boil(recommended to check the seasoning)
7)Switch off the flame and garnish it with tadka
For Tadka:Take 2 tsp ghee  or vegetable oil in a small Kadai,add mustard..when it starts to splutter add hing,curry leaves,dry red chillies...Cut the flame to Off.. 

  Tomato Rasam is ready ,serve with Steamy hot rice with a Ghee on top

Friday, December 4, 2009

Masoor Dal Rasam

Masoor Dal/Hurali Kalu Rasam
Rasam has always Captivated My Attention since Childhood..A Simple Aromatic Rasam with Rice is a way Better Combo than any other Junk Food.....There are some Oodles of Ways and Methods in which a Tasty Rasam can be prepared,Today My Focus is on The Masoor Dal!!!
                                             Masoor Dal
While Whole ,this bean is Greenish-Brown Color,even though they can be prepared whole,many recipe's prefer Skinned and Split Masoor,which is called a s Masoor Dal.They have Dark,Earthy Flavor and a Creamy Texture..They pair well with the Vegetables and can be served as a side dish or incorporated in  soups and Rasam's  or as a salad...

1)1 Cup Masoor Dal/Hurali kalu
2)1/2 Lemon size tamarind
3)2 Tbsp Rasam powder
4)2 to 3 cloves of garlic
5)curry leaves and Cilantro/Coriander leaves
6)A pinch of hing and Haldi/turmeric

7)2 tsp Ghee/cooking oil for tadka
8)1 tsp Mustard seeds
9)2 to 3 dry red chillies
10)Jaggery as per taste
11)Salt as per taste

Click this link for my Rasam powder recipe

1)Pressure cook the Masoor Dal with 2 tsp oil until it gets crumbled(using little water)
2)Blend masoor daal,tamarind(soaked in luke warm water),Rasam powder,hing,haldi
3)Add water(until the desired consistency of rasam is obtained) and get the mixture to a boil
4)Add freshly grated garlic,salt,coriander/cilantro and jaggery(recommended to check the seasoning)
5)Take 2tsp Ghee in a small kadai and add mustard seeds,hing, split red chillies& curry leaves
6)When the mustard seeds starts spluttering,switch off the flame and garnish this Tadka to the Rasam.
                  Masoor Dal Rasam is ready,serve hot with rice

Health Benefits of Masoor Daal:
1) Contains High-Levels of Proteins,including the essential amino acids,and are Essential source of Inexpensive proteins for Vegans.
2)High Amounts of Dietary-Fibers and Minerals.
3)These are often mixed with Grains such as Rice,which results in a Complete Protein Dish
4)Best source of Iron.

Rasam Powder

My Mother's Signature Rasam Powder!!

Rasam Powder is One of the secret Weapon or Ingredients used Ponderously in the Kitchen by the Culinary Chefs and can find them Stocked in Every South Indian Homes.....
Aromatic  Home-Made Rasam  Powder always Adds an Extra Zest to the Rasam..

Ingredients for Rasam Powder:
1)3 Tbsp Coriander/Dania seeds
2)2 Tbsp Cumin/Jeera seeds
3)1 tsp Methi/Menthe seeds
4)A pinch of Hing and Haldi/Turmeric
5)7 to 8 Dry Red chillies 
6)1 Tbsp vegetable Oil

The above measurement  is good for one/two servings of Rasam.

1)Take oil in a small Kadai/pan
2)When oil gets warm add Coriander/dania,cumin/jeera/Methi/Menthe,Hing,Haldi and red chillies.
3)Finely roast until the aroma from the spices oozes out and the raw smell vanishes.
4)Blend all the dry Ingredients to make a fine powder without using water.
5)Rasam powder is ready
Tip:1)Dry coconut can be added to enhance the richness of the Rasam
2)This Rasam powder can be stored for longer days and should be stored in an air tight jars to preserve the freshness and aroma.

                                         Rasam Powder

Monday, November 2, 2009

Kokum Rasam!!

Kokum is basically a fruit which has high medicinal value.It gives an extremely cooling effect,color and also used as a 'Tamarind substitute'.I am surprised to know that kokum is only known in Konkan Region and is a complete stranger to many parts of India.

South Kanara Cuisine is always known for its dependence on Coconut.Kokum enhances the coconut based curries and adds a fruity and Zesty flavor to it.

Kokum has dominated our kitchen,since my childhood days..
Kokum is also known by many names, such as Kokam,Punarpuli,Murina Huli,Garcinia Indica...

1)8 to 10 pieces of dried kokum.(Soak in a Luke warm water for abt 30 min)
3)1Tbsp Rasam Powder
4)2 to 3 green chillies
5)1 Tbsp Ghee(any cooking oil)
6)1 tsp Mustard seeds
7)1 tsp jeera/cu9min seeds
8)2 to 3 cloves garlic(optional)
9)Cilantro/Coriander leaves(for garnishing)
10)Hing/Asafoetida( a pinch of)

Note:The measurement of the above mentioned Ingredients is my Guesstimate,you can tune according to your taste bud.

1)Extract(squeeze out) the Kokum juice and dilute according to the quantity required by adding water.(add minimum 2 glasses of water)
2)Add cut green chillies,cilantro,freshly grated Garlic,a pinch of hing to the kokum water
3)Get the mixture to a boil
4)Add Hing
5)Let it boil for some minutes
6)Add rasam powder, jaggery and salt(recommended to check 
the seasoning at this stage)
7)Switch off the flame when it is done.
8)Garnish it with Tadka and Cilantro/Coriander
For tadka:
1)Take 2 tsp of ghee or vegetable oil in a small kadai
2)Add mustard and cumin seeds when the oil gets little warm
3)Add a pinch of hing(optional)
4)Switch of the flame when the mustard starts to splutter.
Tasty Kokum rasam is ready,serve with rice and Papad on the side.

Other Usage Of Kokum:
If kokum extract gets accompanied with water,sugar and pinch of salt then it results in a Cool and a Refreshing Mocktail which is Ideal for summer.
Nutritional benefit:
These tangy,deep purple fruit has a very high nutritional value
1)These are high rich in anti-oxidants that helps to bind with
free radicals and prevents oxidative damage to the body cells. 
2)This is used a 'Digestive Tonic' which gives relief for stomach problems 3)Since it has a natural soothing effect on body,helps in bringing down fever and reactions.
4)Shields our body against dehydration and sun strokes.